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The Universal Games (Idea)

It might seem a little odd, but I would like to share an idea I’ve been thinking for years.

The idea is to make an annual contest broadcasted via live streaming and/or TV. The event will be called The Universal Games. A mix of an interactive reality show, a technology contest, and adventures game in Universal Studios Florida® and Island of Adventures®.

The game would be like The Amazing Race ® but with teams of two (2) representing each one of the 50 states. The contestants would play to win the Universal Golden Pass, a trophy that awards up to four (4) people with a lifetime passes to the parks with at least one annual trip with hotel and meals expenses covered.

The process of selecting the teams would be done through the official Universal Orlando App in weekly challenges, trivia games and/or a video casting with an in-app popular voting process. The referred voting process will motivate a big number of app downloads and at the same time, it will position the event hashtag (which includes Universal trademark) as a Worldwide trending topic.

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Island of Adventures

The technology to be used within the event would be available in a second private app installed on high-capacity smart devices that would be provided to each team member at the beginning of the competition (this phase could be sponsored by a cell phone’s carrier company or either a smartphone’s company). This app would be able to recognize proximity beacons installed around the park and execute the actions they have programmed when players approach them, read QR codes with clues hidden throughout the park, recognize spaces and characters in the park areas to interact with them using Augmented Reality technology to create a collection of those characters (something similar to Pokemon Go®), share graphics and/or audiovisual content on the social media handles created for of each team, stream live videos allowing contestants to be followed by the audience in an immersive experience as if they were a 3rd member of the team and, at last, this app will also allow team members to communicate with each other during the competition.

Ideally, the existing Universal app will also allow the audience to follow up their favorite team(s) in real time, vote for them and share branded content with Universal’s trademark everywhere.

I’d pray to God that there’s a remote chance someone will make it happen.