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Tu propio RPC de BSC en GRATIS!!!

  • Click en el Botón Sign Up
  • Ir a casilla de correo y click en E-mail de confirmación de
  • Entrar la contraseña previamente seleccionada y Click en Activate Account.
  • Click en Skip For Now si no desea configurar la Seguridad de 2 Pasos
  • Click en APIs
  • Click en + Create
  • Poner el Puntero del ratón sobre el logo de Binance y click en Deploy en la opción de Biance Smart Chain
  • Asignar nombre al Proyecto y Seleccionar Mainnet en Network
  • Seleccionar la opción Token para la autenticación y Click en Create
  • Click en
  • Click en botón de Copiar el API Endpoint que comienza por HTTPS   
  • Abrir MetaMask y hacer click en el Ícono de Colores al lado del nombre de la Cadena
  • Click en Setting o Configuración
  • Navegar hasta la opción Networks o Redes
  • Seleccionar la Red de Binance Smart Chain existente en tu MetaMask
  • Sustituir la RPC con la dirección generada en Ankr (Control + V en Windows o Command + V en OSX) y click en Save o Salvar
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Manual para hacer Stake en el Pool de CAKE desde iOS con Trust Wallet y SafePal


Esta publicación no representa recomendación o asesoría financiera alguna y ha sido redactada únicamente con fines informativos. Por favor HAGA SU PROPIA INVESTIGACIÓN, no invierta su dinero en ninguna iniciativa DeFi que no haya investigado previamente; si decidiera invertir en PancakeSwap por favor verifique que el contrato con en el que está inviertiendo y el que aparece en la web coincidan. No olvide que las semillas o seeds de su billeteras solo le pertenecen a usted y NINGÚN tercero debe tener acceso a ellas, y manténgalas escritas en un papel que mantenga en un lugar seguro y no deje huellas de ellas en su computadora o teléfono celular. Por último, mantenga su computadora protegida con un software Anti-Malware para evitar que le puedan robar información privada.

1era Parte en Trust Wallet

  1. Descargar la app Trust Wallet y abrir una cuenta.
  2. Click a Settings>Wallet>Símbolo +> Create a new wallet (para crear una nueva Multi-Coin Wallet y hacer click en ella).
  3. Click en el botón BUY y buscar la moneda BNB, comprar monto deseado con tarjeta de débito.
  4. Click en el ícono WALLET, haga click en BUY y seleccione la moneda BNB.
  5. Coloque la cantidad de BNB que desea comprar con tarjeta de débito o crédito y haga click en NEXT.
  6. Al abrir la plataforma de pagos, complete los pasos indicados en ella y complete la compra.
  7. Una vez recibida la confirmación de la compra de sus BNBs, proceda al ícono WALLET y navegue hasta la moneda BNB y haga click en el botón con los tres More (…) y seleccione en la opción Swap to Smart Chain.
  8. Toque el número cero (0) que está debajo del texto You Pay, y haga escoja 100% entre las opciones desplegadas arriba del teclado numérico. Debajo de la sección You Get se mostrará la cantidad de BNB que obtendrá en la transacción (debería coincidir con la opción de la sección You Pay). Nota: la opción BNB con el logotipo dorado debe estar arriba y la opción con el logotipo negro debe estar de bajo, si no es así entonces haga click en el ícono de con las dos flechas para colocar los íconos en el orden correcto.
  9. Click en el botón Swap, y espere la confirmación de la operación.
  10. Click en el botón DEX.

2da Parte en SafePal

  1. Descargar la app SafePal.
  2. Click en el ícono del navegador de DAAPS (es el ícono del centro que tiene tres cuadrados y un rombo)y escriba PancakeSwap en la barra de búsqueda, haga click Search y seleccione la opción PancakeSwap AMM DEX .
  3. Click en el botón CONNECT de la parte superior derecha de la página y seleccione la opción POOLS.
  4. Una vez conectado (verá un serie de números color turquesa en la esquina superior derecha), vaya al ícono de menú en la parte superior izquierda.
  5. En el menú que se despliega, seleccionar la opción TRUST WALLET.
  6. Una vez abra la ventana de Trust Wallet hacer click en el botón de CONNECT.
  7. Volver a la web en la SafePal.
  8. Click en el botón del símbolo .
  9. En la ventana que se despliega click al botón Max y luego al botón Confirm.
  10. Aceptar la transacción.
  11. Para salir del navegado de DAPPS hacer click en el ícono de la X dentro del círculo.
  12. Ir al ícono de la Billetera, ahí podrá ver la cantidad de CAKES que ha stakeado.

Felicidades, haz hecho tu primer Depósito, ahora siéntate y relájate viendo como crece tu CAKE earned (rendimiento de CAKE).

NOTA: Mantén siempre un pequeño saldo positivo de al menos 0.1 BNB para pagar el GAS de tus transacciones ya que una vez que tengas suficientes CAKES ganados vas a que hacer HARVEST y COMPOUND para reivertir y para eso debes pagar GAS FEE por cada transacción.

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The contract for our ERC20 Token “INTERISTA” has been deployed

The smart contract for our ERC20 Token “INTERISTA” has been deployed and is available for you to see in at the following link:


INTERISTAS is a digital media platform, ERC20 Token, and a Digital Community of Spanish speaker Inter Milan Fans around the world. For more information please visit

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How did I fell in love with ChiliZ

Present and future of Sports Immersive Marketing Experiences


I entered this contest because I wanted to raise my voice so each and every #INTERMilan Fan could have their chance to be heard by Suning Group and ask them to join #INTER to the Socios .com platform.

As an #INTERMilan Fan, I can’t stand the idea of not having our own Fan Token while the other guys (I won’t mention their team) do.

I know that at some point La Beneamata’s high command will have something to say about this so I’ll be prepared to have a few thousand $CHZ, 312K to be precise, ready to invest them all in INTER’s Fan Token in the upcoming future.

Sign up in this incredible contest

Why is it important to have a Fan Token?

The main appeal of a Fan Token is that somehow the token’s holders will feel owner on a small part of the club they cheer and that will create more attachment to the color and team’s identity. On the other hand, with this fan based crypto coins, the team will be able to make an incredible amount of money without compromising team’s sponsorship or ownership just selling rights to exploit, thru the use of this coin, some digital goods such as promos, downloads, cards, special activity streamings, physical products etc; to their fans.

Another thing INTER can do can do with this platform is to create an open forum of opinions for important and strategic sports and marketing decisions with a numerous audience whiling to pay (in $FCIM) to be heard by the Club.

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What can possibly have a guy from Venezuela, a girl in China and an Old Gentleman in Italy in common? A passion for Il Biscione.

As a part of a Global World these days, a human being is always searching for ways to reach more and more people to satisfy their curiosity on how the rest of the world operates. In that endeavor, they always look for people interested in the same things they are as an excuse to create a bond thru empathy. Sometimes language and some other the time zone will play against it but with the current technology, those barriers are going down. Having a virtual asset they can share among their friends around the world as a “token” of their appreciation is be definitely another good reason to expand INTER World’s Brotherhood thru the use of a Fan ICO.

In some parts of the world is really too difficult to acquire foreign currencies due to regulations or simply bureaucracy. Having the chance to participate or getting a piece of something in real time without any trouble can create the perfect mix that motivates fans to buy digital or physical merchandise or either participate in Team’s important sports or marketing desitions thru the use of the Fan Tokens they own. For me, that’s a perfect Fan Scenario en any sport!

So, please INTER join and make us INTER’s Tifosi proud and Happy to be a part of such an inclusive and immersive Fan Experience!

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The Universal Games (Idea)

It might seem a little odd, but I would like to share an idea I’ve been thinking for years.

The idea is to make an annual contest broadcasted via live streaming and/or TV. The event will be called The Universal Games. A mix of an interactive reality show, a technology contest, and adventures game in Universal Studios Florida® and Island of Adventures®.

The game would be like The Amazing Race ® but with teams of two (2) representing each one of the 50 states. The contestants would play to win the Universal Golden Pass, a trophy that awards up to four (4) people with a lifetime passes to the parks with at least one annual trip with hotel and meals expenses covered.

The process of selecting the teams would be done through the official Universal Orlando App in weekly challenges, trivia games and/or a video casting with an in-app popular voting process. The referred voting process will motivate a big number of app downloads and at the same time, it will position the event hashtag (which includes Universal trademark) as a Worldwide trending topic.

Image for post
Island of Adventures

The technology to be used within the event would be available in a second private app installed on high-capacity smart devices that would be provided to each team member at the beginning of the competition (this phase could be sponsored by a cell phone’s carrier company or either a smartphone’s company). This app would be able to recognize proximity beacons installed around the park and execute the actions they have programmed when players approach them, read QR codes with clues hidden throughout the park, recognize spaces and characters in the park areas to interact with them using Augmented Reality technology to create a collection of those characters (something similar to Pokemon Go®), share graphics and/or audiovisual content on the social media handles created for of each team, stream live videos allowing contestants to be followed by the audience in an immersive experience as if they were a 3rd member of the team and, at last, this app will also allow team members to communicate with each other during the competition.

Ideally, the existing Universal app will also allow the audience to follow up their favorite team(s) in real time, vote for them and share branded content with Universal’s trademark everywhere.

I’d pray to God that there’s a remote chance someone will make it happen.