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How did I fell in love with ChiliZ

Present and future of Sports Immersive Marketing Experiences


I entered this contest because I wanted to raise my voice so each and every #INTERMilan Fan could have their chance to be heard by Suning Group and ask them to join #INTER to the Socios .com platform.

As an #INTERMilan Fan, I can’t stand the idea of not having our own Fan Token while the other guys (I won’t mention their team) do.

I know that at some point La Beneamata’s high command will have something to say about this so I’ll be prepared to have a few thousand $CHZ, 312K to be precise, ready to invest them all in INTER’s Fan Token in the upcoming future.

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Why is it important to have a Fan Token?

The main appeal of a Fan Token is that somehow the token’s holders will feel owner on a small part of the club they cheer and that will create more attachment to the color and team’s identity. On the other hand, with this fan based crypto coins, the team will be able to make an incredible amount of money without compromising team’s sponsorship or ownership just selling rights to exploit, thru the use of this coin, some digital goods such as promos, downloads, cards, special activity streamings, physical products etc; to their fans.

Another thing INTER can do can do with this platform is to create an open forum of opinions for important and strategic sports and marketing decisions with a numerous audience whiling to pay (in $FCIM) to be heard by the Club.

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What can possibly have a guy from Venezuela, a girl in China and an Old Gentleman in Italy in common? A passion for Il Biscione.

As a part of a Global World these days, a human being is always searching for ways to reach more and more people to satisfy their curiosity on how the rest of the world operates. In that endeavor, they always look for people interested in the same things they are as an excuse to create a bond thru empathy. Sometimes language and some other the time zone will play against it but with the current technology, those barriers are going down. Having a virtual asset they can share among their friends around the world as a “token” of their appreciation is be definitely another good reason to expand INTER World’s Brotherhood thru the use of a Fan ICO.

In some parts of the world is really too difficult to acquire foreign currencies due to regulations or simply bureaucracy. Having the chance to participate or getting a piece of something in real time without any trouble can create the perfect mix that motivates fans to buy digital or physical merchandise or either participate in Team’s important sports or marketing desitions thru the use of the Fan Tokens they own. For me, that’s a perfect Fan Scenario en any sport!

So, please INTER join and make us INTER’s Tifosi proud and Happy to be a part of such an inclusive and immersive Fan Experience!

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